FLower Nymph #4

FLower Nymph #4

40,00 €Price

22x30 cm, acrylic painting on canvas (will be unstretched for shipping) in bright, thick paint with textured strokes and layered patterns.

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    Original artwork brings a touch of life and warmth into your home. You are not only buying an object, but a piece of the artist's heart, their life expression and a window into their world and experiences. Deborah Laranjeira has 20 years of painting experience, formal training, has lived on 3 continents and her colorful multicultural experiences are where she finds inspiration. 

    Inspired by spring and the narratives that come to mind as I go for walks in the woods, these flower nymphs are romantic creations of wimsical, feminine beauty. 

    This painting was originally painted on a 22x30cm stretched canvas, using quality acrylic paints and varnished as a finishing touch. In order to ship, the painted canvas will be removed from the wooden frame and rolled in order to mail in a protective tube. The unstreched canvas can easily be restretched at a frame shop or go directly into a frame.

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    I desire for my clients to be 100% satisfied with their purchase and am available to discuss your concerns if you encounter a problem with your order. If your order does not arrive within 30 days, you will be refunded the value of the piece. Shipping rate is non-refundable.

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    I usually use priority Portuguese post and have set up a flat rate of 10 Euros for your convenience although international shipping (shipping within Portugal is free) can range from 15-50 Euros. This rate also includes the tubes, boxes, bubble wrap and non-stick wax paper used to prepare each piece for packaging, as well as the tools and time necessary for removing the canvas from the wooden frame in the case of larger pieces. Smaller pieces (20x25 cm or less) can be shipped on stretched canvas in a specific box with plenty of protective packaging. However, most paintings on canvas are carefully removed from the wooden frame and rolled in order to fit inside a proper tube for shipping. This is the safest and most economic way to mail original art on canvas.