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About Deborah Laranjeira

My name is Deborah Laranjeira Menezes, I'm an artist, wife, Believer, cat-lover, extroverted introvert, third culture kid, world traveler, and a free spirit at heart! Color, adventure, light, the little pleasures of life and my travels all fuel my passion for creating!


I was born in Brazil, but grew up in Austin, Texas and then went to art school in the San Francisco Bay Area where I lived and worked until 2009 when I decided to try out life in Brazil again. In Brasilia, I built a bilingual art studio for adults and children called Orange Tree Studio which grew into a wonderful project where I met so many special people and grew as a teacher, business owner and artist. Brasilia was my home for 10 years. In that time, I met my husband, Simplicio, travelled the world and acquired my 3 cats, Ella, Mr.Foofoo and Taffy. In 2019, my husband and I made the crazy decision to step out in faith and leave our comfortable lives in Brasilia for the adventure of starting over in the small village of Macieira de Cambra in the north of Portugal. We moved into his late grandfather's estate, began an ongoing remodeling process and are falling in love with the unique and inspiring country that is Portugal. We continue to enjoy travelling almost as much as we love being at home with our cats!


I have explored color and inteligent use of light as technical guidelines over the years, but my work is now influenced by textures and patterns picked up from my favorite destinations. I have refused to settle for just one subject. Life is too full, there is too much beauty all around and I can't help responding through painting. In many ways my painting is a diary, a way to digest the moments I experience and the feelings/memories they evoke, a way to say "I was here, I lived, I saw, I loved, I felt something". I hope my work touches you too and reminds you that there is beauty despite all the toiling this side of Heaven. 

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